Industry Trends

Industry Trends

This time,we won!


As time goes by, the three-day 2024 CPHI exhibition has come to an end. Today, we have ushered in the closing day of this industry event. Looking back on the wonderful moments of these three days, we are deeply honored and proud. We not only showed the latest technology and products, but also discussed the future development trend and direction with all friends around the world.


At this CPHI exhibition, Xi’an Natural Field showed the latest liposome technology and popular products such as NMN, ashwagandha extract, creatine monohydrate, etc. These achievements not only reflect our deep accumulation in the field of technology, but also highlight our unique insights into the development of the industry. Through the exhibition, we have had in-depth exchanges with visitors from all over the world, listened to their opinions, and received valuable feedback and suggestions.

In these three days, we showed the strength and demeanor of the company, and successfully attracted the attention of many people inside and outside the industry. Our booth is crowded with an endless stream of product inquiries, which is undoubtedly the greatest affirmation of our work. Customers choose Natural Field because of our unique product  characteristics ;customers choose Natural Field because we are professional.

Brand advantages

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After years of development, Natural Field has established a good brand image and reputation in the industry.Customers have a high trust in our products and are willing to make us as the first choice.We focus on brand building and communication, and enhance brand awareness and influence by participating in industry exhibitions.

We constantly adhere to customer centricity, pay attention to customer needs and feedback, and we also continuously improve and optimize our products and services.

Whether it's pre-sales consultation, in-sales service, or after-sales support, we are able to provide customers with timely and professional service.


We have professional team, advanced equipment, intelligent and specialized modern factory, and high quality raw material selecting control and comprehensive testing.

Our liposome products have broken through technological innovation and continuously developed in the fields of cosmetics, health products, and medicine.We have established a strict quality management system.

We focus on product details and strive for excellence from design to production, ensuring that our products have high reliability and stability to customer.

Market advantages

We deeply understands the market demand and trends, and timely adjusts product strategies and directions.Our products have high market competitiveness and can meet the demands and expectations of different customers.

With the successful conclusion of the CPHI Shanghai 2024, we embark on a new chapter with a refined blueprint for our company's progression. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence in quality and service, we aspire to industry leadership, anchored in our credo: "Rigorous Standard,Stable Quality,Fast delivery".Our mission is to propel industry evolution through a steady stream of superior products and services. United, we foresee a future illuminated by prosperity and progress for all our colleagues.

Moreover, we aim to traverse broader horizons, strengthening alliances with global giants both at home and abroad. With agility, we'll tailor our strategies to market fluctuations and customer needs, fortifying our brand's eminence and competitive stance, and establishing a bedrock for sustained triumphs.

In essence, we're dedicated to perpetually advancing under the banners of innovation, quality, and service, bolstering our market foothold and competitive prowess. Together with our esteemed clients and collaborators, we envision forging a brilliant shared tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who participated in this exhibition. Your tireless commitment and selflessness have been instrumental in crafting this resounding triumph.

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