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Liposome Technology Platform

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    Efficacy value-added

    Improving absorptivity, Enhancing efficacy, Increasing content of active ingredients

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    Application value-added

    Controllable standard, Various dosage forms adaptation, Reducing cost

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    Technology value-added

    Global exclusive patents, Flexible customization, Meeting multiple needs

  • Real liposome technology

    No simple mixing, Better solubility, Uniformly particle size distribution.

  • Preferred non-GMO

    Sunflower lecithin, Safer raw materials selection

  • Higher quality, Global patents

    Rest assured for new product development

  • New Liposome technology

    Better absorptivity, Higher bioavailability than traditional ingredients

  • Multiple liposome products

    Various specifications, Customizing support with mature technology

  • Liposomal NMN
  • Liposomal Glutathione
  • Liposomal Coenzyme Q10
  • Liposomal More

    Learn more about liposome products

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Liposome Patents

Patents Name Patents No.
Liposomes with Ginsenoside as Membrane and Preparations and Use Thereof CN201610693884.2,WO2017028811A1,US20170172920,EP16836675.5, CA2994032,AU2016309847(licensed),JP2018-528372
Novel Liposomes with Ginsenoside Derivative as Membrane Material and Preparations Thereof ZL201811447245.3
A Novel Blank Liposome with Ginsenoside Rg3 or its Analog as Membrane Materials and Preparations and Uses Thereof ZL201811447243.4, US20200369714
A blank mixed micelle and preparations and uses thereof ZL201711432287.5
A Novel Blank Liposome with Glycyrrhizic acid or its Analog as Membrane Materials and Preparations and Uses Thereof ZL201510795026.4
A Novel Paclitaxel Liposome and Preparations ZL202010934453.7,ZL202010904848.2,ZL202011229476.4
A Novel Docetaxel Liposome and Preparations ZL202010934433.X,ZL202010904850.X,ZL202011534465.7
Novel Ginsenoside and Cabazitaxel Liposomes and Preparations CN202110485574.2
Novel Ginsenoside and Adriamycin/Epirubicin Liposomes and Preparations CN202110671942.2,ZL202110652144.5
Novel Ginsenoside and Irinotecan Liposomes and Preparations CN202110705785.2
Novel Ginsenoside and Vincristine Liposomes and Preparations ZL202110642769.3
Novel Ginsenoside and Homoharringtonine Liposomes and Preparations CN202110350360.4
Novel Ginsenoside and Mitoxantrone Liposomes and Preparations CN202110678285.4

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Liposome Technology Platform

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