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Dihydromyricetin’s knowledge on liver protection


DiHydromyricetin (DHM), Natural Field dihydromyricetin is extracted from Vine Tea and  Hovenia dulcis. The dihydromyricetin extracted from Vine Tea has a specification of 30% 50% 98% solubility DHM; the dihydromyricetin extracted from Hovenia dulcis has a specification of 10% 20%.

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Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is a natural flavonoid extracted from snake grapes. Its medicinal use has a history of hundreds of years. Dihydromyricetin has attracted much attention due to its many functions, including: protecting the liver,Cardioprotective, Antioxidant, and Anti-inflammatory Effects. In addition , Dihydromyricetin can also inhibit various cancers through multiple mechanisms such as anti-angiogenesis, anti-proliferation, apoptosis, inhibition and migration.


According to the introduction of dihydromyricetin, we know that dihydromyricetin has the effect of protecting the liver. Among our products, milk thistle is also promoted in the direction of protecting the liver. The comparison of the two in terms of liver protection is as follows:

1. The liver-protective effect of dihydromyricetin is mainly to activate the alcohol and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the liver. Its effect on relieving hangover is obviously better than that of milk thistle, and its effect is outstanding.

2. If you want to highlight the effect of relieving hangover and protecting liver, dihydromyricetin is better. The main function of milk thistle is to repair liver cells and accelerate detoxification of liver cells, but the action time is slow.

3. However, the application of milk thistle is very mature at present. For liver protection products, it is recommended to use two raw materials in combination to achieve synergistic effects. If it is biased towards the direction of relieving hangover, dihydromyricetin should be the main one.

Comprehensive market and finished product applications: In China, dihydromyricetin can be used as a food raw material, and milk thistle is a health product and pharmaceutical raw material.


 Although dihydromyricetin (DHM) has anti-inflammatory biological activity and hepatoprotective effects, its bioavailability is relatively poor. Researchers established an animal model through swimming to exhaustion in mice and found that Liposomal Encapsulation enhanced the bioavailability of DHM. which is to synthesize a highly bioavailable dihydromyricetin Liposomal Encapsulation based on the original dihydromyricetin. This study shows that the DHM LiposomalCan enhance hubs and provide DHM provides novel effects on regional immunity against inflammation.



About dihydromyricetin Natural Field has microbiological reports and heavy metal detection reports from SGS. In terms of content, we have Sigma's standard products, which are usually self-tested (external standard method). There is currently no third-party testing report.

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