Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Day 1 at CPHI Shanghai 2024| A Fruitful Gathering for the Health & Nutrition Ingredients Industry


At today's exhibition, we met with many important partners as scheduled. They come from all over the world, some are our old friends of many years, and some are new partners we have recently established contact with. We had in-depth exchanges with them, sharing the latest achievements and experiences in the field of nutritional health raw materials. Through discussions and cooperation, we jointly explored the new trends, new technologies, and future development directions of the industry. These exchanges not only deepened our cooperative relationships but also brought us new opportunities and challenges.


Communication & Cooperation


In addition to communicating with partners, we also met many new friends. Some of them are professionals from other industries, and some are consumers who are passionate about the nutritional health raw material industry. We showed them our products and technology, and answered their questions and concerns about nutritional health raw materials. Through communication with them, we have a deeper understanding of market demand and consumer expectations, providing important references for our future development.


At today's exhibition, we also specially launched a series of popular products. Our product series is designed to meet the global consumer demand for high-quality, high-efficiency nutritional supplements. Here are our main exhibited products:


Ashwagandha extract powder

The extract is derived from genuine raw materials, with the content of withanolides tested by HPLC, meeting the USP standards. The chemical components mainly include alkaloids, steroidal lactones, withanolides, and iron, which are active ingredients. In Indian medicine, Ashwagandha is used to nourish and strengthen the body, especially to restore energy after overwork or mental fatigue.


Dihydromyricetin is extracted from the vine tea plant, with domestic SC production license, and has passed SGS certification. It can provide high content of 98% and 90%, as well as 10% and 15% fully water-soluble products, to protect your liver health and ensure you are in good condition the day after drinking alcohol.




The star product of the anti-aging series, with an annual delivery of 50 tons, popular in the Japanese and European and American markets. Tianfeng Bio uses a new semi-enzyme process, ensuring stable quality, no yellowing for two years, and a content of over 99.5%.nmn


Creatine Monohydrate

No additives, great taste. Natural field creatine monohydrate boasts stable quality, certified by FSSC22000 and complying with USP standards, with an annual delivery exceeding 1000 tons. It has excellent water solubility, and the lipid body technology of creatine monohydrate helps the body absorb better.




Looking for a high-quality liposome manufacturer? Natural field liposomes feature technological innovation and excellent product absorption. We have launched a series of products including NMN liposomes, PQQ liposomes, and creatine monohydrate liposomes, and the company accepts custom products with 30%-70% content. Choosing Natural field liposomes is a great decision !


Innovation & Technology

These products utilize the latest technology and raw materials, offering higher nutritional value and health benefits. We have conducted live demonstrations and experience activities to let visitors personally feel the unique charm of these products. Many visitors have shown a strong interest in our products and expressed their desire to establish cooperative relationships with us.  Our series of nutritional health raw material products are rich and diverse, aiming to provide high-quality and efficient nutritional supplements to consumers worldwide. At the CPHI 2024 exhibition, we look forward to establishing contact with more partners to jointly promote the development of the nutritional health industry.


In addition, we actively participated in the second NMN Industry Thematic Seminar. In this event, we heard wonderful speeches and viewpoints from global experts, understanding the latest trends and dynamics of the industry. We had in-depth exchanges with other exhibitors and industry experts, discussing the development direction and prospects of the industry. These activities not only broadened our horizons but also provided us with valuable industry resources and connections.



Today's exhibition was very fruitful. We not only successfully demonstrated our strength and professionalism, winning the recognition and trust of many partners and consumers, but also made many new friends, expanding our business scope and network resources. These gains will provide strong support for our future development.



Tomorrow, we will continue to participate in the CPHI 2024 exhibition. We will welcome every visitor with more sufficient preparation and full enthusiasm. We will continue to showcase our innovative products and technologies, establish contact with more partners, and jointly promote the development of the nutritional health raw material industry.



Finally, we would like to thank everyone who cares and supports us once again. It is your trust and support that gives us the motivation to keep moving forward. We will continue to work hard and contribute more to the development of the nutritional health raw material industry! Let us look forward to an even more exciting exhibition tomorrow!

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